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John Schmidt - President

Army of Children

Dear Partners in Ministry,

Traumatized children, armed with AK-47's, high on drugs are the soldiers of choice in today's rebel armies.  Globally 300,000 child soldiers are active participants in over 50 armed conflicts around the world.  (UNICEF 2003)

Last week I ministered to hundreds of International Street Kids (ISK)'s War Orphans.  Many were children involved in the bloody 20 year civil war in Northern Uganda.  When asked for a show of hands of those who personally participated in atrocities of war: many hands were raised.

Pray that the Lord will continue to touch the lives of these traumatized war orphans and former child solders as we make disciples of these little ones.

International Street Kids (ISK) is committed to following Christ's command to".care for the Orphan." and "make disciples" n areas of the world where Christ has little or no access.

Thank you so much for your vital partnership in practicing "the religion our Father accepts as pure and faultless.


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