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Cities of Heartbreak

Dear International Street Kids (ISK) Supporters,

Seven years ago I walked the streets of Southeast Asia, I remember the feelings of despair and also of urgency. Seeing young girls working in the notorious pedophile districts broke my heart. Since then, the Lord has given us, You and Me, the rare opportunity of witnessing a miracle in response to prayer.

Having rescued and/or attempted to rescue little girls and some boys, I sense our enemy rolling on the ground here, cowardly laughing as little ones are devoured at such a young age in prostitution. The vast majority of young girls of Asia's sex trade come from the famous region of the world known as the "golden triangle." Eighty percent of the world's opium comes from here as well.

We, believers, followers of Jesus Christ, respond with action or condemn ourselves as apathetic. Pray that the Lord will continue to support us as we make disciples of these precious ones and provide for their needs.

"We aren't everybody but we are someone. We can't do everything, but we can do something. So by the grace of God we will do something."

In Christ,


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