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Rachel, Val and Ricardo, 3 of thousands street kids who have given their lives to Christ in the streets of Brazil.

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Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless in this: to look after orphans... James 1:27

In 1997, while in Cambodia I was taken to several locations by humanitarian workers. At this location, little girl's ages 5-14, offered themselves to westerners for sexual services. The Lord lead us to open four projects that started taking these little ones away from that life and into a new life that Jesus Christ has for them.

  • In sub-saharan Africa we are in partnership with local pastors in caring for over 1400+ orphaned children that are HIV infected in a region of 5000+ aids orphans. Many of these little ones will die soon and this may be their last opportunity to turn their lives over to Jesus.
  • In Eastern Europe the International Street Kids (ISK) staff ministered in ten different orphanages leading many of the over 1000 imprisoned orphans to Christ.
  • In Brazil nine projects were opened to bring hundreds of children in from the streets whose lives are at daily International Street Kids (ISK).
  • International Street Kids (ISK) has a staff in several nations that are closed to the gospel that are at this very moment caring for orphaned children.

There are an estimated 400 million abandoned children on the streets of the world today (UNICEF 2003). This makes them one of the most unreached people groups. Will you prayerfully consider becoming a vital part in reaching these little ones for Christ?

Please join us... in rescuing and discipling abandoned children. Your investment will provide and abandoned child with shelter, food, medical attention, education and most important of all will enable International Street Kids (ISK) staff to disciple these children and equip them to reach others with the good news of Jest Christ.

We need your help... we trust God to provide our every need and the funds to care for and disciple the hundreds of orphans.

One simple step... to be an International Street Kids (ISK) ministry Partner. Simply click below on one of the "Donate Now" buttons to initiate your ministry partnership or write us at: International Street Kids (ISK), P.O. Box 8551, Clearwater, Florida 33758.

Imagine that it's the dead of night in the worst part of town. You find yourself alone, separated forever from your loved ones by death, disease, war, or genocide.

Now you are forced to make your own home and your own way in the only place you know.the mean streets.the dirty sidewalks.the darkened alleys of the city in which you exist. Calling your day-to-day reality "living" would be a cruel joke and a travesty of mercy.

You survive the days by begging for food or clothing, helplessly dependent. With empty hands and empty pockets, you retreat to the alleys, rummaging through dumpsters for some semblance of sustenance, competing with hundreds just like you for a scrap of food...a stitch of clothing.somewhere warm to lay your head.

You spend the nights in fitful sleep with an empty stomach and an aching head, hoping to stay hidden from the predators who stalk these streets looking for easy prey. One false move, one false step, and you can end up in a lifetime of servitude as a slave, a prostitute or die.

You cry one one one cares.

There are few heroes in this world.

How would you like this to be the reality of your life?

Now imagine that this is your life, and you are only 4, 6 or 9 years old, or younger. Frightening, isn't it?

For 400,000,000 million of the world's children, this is the daily reality and the raw truth of their existence in countries all around the world - from Brazil to 21 Nations in Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Southeast Asia, and other restricted areas of the world.

Fortunately, there is Someone who cares. His name is Jesus Christ, and He gave his life- all of it- to the care of the poor, the hungry, the orphaned, the abandoned. And children held a special place in Christ's heart.

Today, there is a Christian Evangelical ministry dedicated to following the example of Jesus: Reaching, rescuing and making disciples of abandoned or orphaned children all over the world. We are International Street Kids (ISK). And we'd love for you to join us in this most vital of all missions: Saving the future of our race, and ensuring the future of our world by saving our children.

We invite you to click through our website. We hope it will accomplish two things: First, we pray it motivates you to become involved in working with us. Second, we pray it motivates you to encourage others to become involved in working with us.

In return, we offer smiles. Smiles from the grateful children whose lives you help change. And a smile on the face of a loving God as He looks down on the good work your support makes possible.

You can be a hero to an abandoned or orphaned child by giving him or her a glimmer of hope and a glimpse of a future. Let International Street Kids (ISK) show you how.


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